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  • Hose Management

    Patented Cat Trac drive system. Continuous, seamless hose. Deploys/retracts only desired length of hose.

  • 3 Sizes Available

    The BAU-040 and BAU-080 models can be purchased with (or retrofitted onto) Mobile PCA Units.

The Boom-Air® Hose Management System is a patented Twist Aero brand product designed to replace current inferior hose storage systems. Our design enables the user to only deliver the amount of hose needed to the aircraft. By deploying only the length of hose necessary, kinks are eliminated therefore optimizing airflow efficiency.

The Boom-Air® integrates remote-control technology with a retractable hose contained within a storage cabinet. The Boom Air deploys and retracts the hose inside the cabinet with the push of button on a mobile remote control.

By incorporating leading edge technology, the Boom-Air Hose management system will provide fuel cost savings, improved airflow quality, and protect from consequential damages.

When pilots see excess hose lying around the tarmac with restricted airflow to the aircraft, pilots will not shut the APU off in order to keep passengers comfortable. By delivering just the amount of hose needed to service the plane, the Boom Air® eliminates this condition and pilots will shut down the APU as airflow is unrestricted, resulting in fuel savings.

Connection hose life is drastically decreased when it is lying around the tarmac and subject to damage caused by ground support equipment, maintenance personnel, snow removal crews and other weather related damages. By storing up to 135 feet of hose inside the Boom Air cabinet, our hose is protected and securely kept out of harms way when not in-use.

With current hose storage systems, ground crew members routinely move rolled hose sections weighing as much as 100 pounds per 80 feet. Consequently, ground crew members often have unnecessary strain on the back as well as other related injuries. These types of injuries can lead to lost workdays and lowered productivity, or, can create a mindset that hinders use of equipment. The Boom Air deploys and retracts the hose inside the cabinet with the push of button on a mobile remote control, thus preventing ground crew members from lifting heavy hoses to make connections.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Cat Trac drive system.
  • Continuous, seamless hose.
  • Deploys/Retracts only desired length of hose.
  • Quick connect/disconnect design, 30 seconds or less.
  • OSHA accepted.
  • Remote control for optimal operator efficiency.
  • Remote start PCA.
  • Multiple bridge mounting options.
  • Offered as part of our PCA and GPU combination mobile cart unit.
  • Equipped with electronic sensors to prevent accidental damage to the unit.
  • Installed with Bridge Interlock safety feature.
  • Available Models:
    • 8′ cabinet with 40’ hose
    • 12′ cabinet with 80’ hose
    • 16′ cabinet with 135’ hose

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